Scandia Logistics


Lothar Scheffknecht has been running the logistics company Scandia Logistic since August 1st, 2013. He is responsible for the business as well as the technical-logistical area. In this position, he can draw on many years of experience in your renowned company in the logistics sector.

2 locations for optimal service

Head office in Austria

Our head office is in Lauterach, Vorarlberg – this is where all logistical threads come together, the administration is located in Lauterach, and all transports to and from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are coordinated and processed from here.

Warehouse in Sweden

Scandia Logistic has warehouses in Sweden to optimize its services.


We’re getting bigger – and even better.

As a young company with a wealth of experience, we don’t want to talk about visions at the start – but we would like to present our intentions. After the first phase of consolidation, we want to achieve healthy growth – both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitative growth

In the next few years we want to further expand our services and transport capacities. We intend to work the market in Scandinavia even more intensively and to adapt our product range even more to the needs of our customers.

Qualitative growth

You can always do better. That is why we consider the permanent improvement and further development of our services to be one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy. The best for our customers – we’ve done well with it so far and will continue to do so.


Guntram Muther Transporte becomes SCANDIA LOGISTIC GMBH on August 1st.


In autumn, 15 new trucks of the even lower emission class EEV will be integrated into the fleet


In March 12 trucks will be replaced by the new ``Scania 480`` with the environmentally friendly EURO 5 engine.


Starting this year, the permanent expansion will take place with the inclusion of sub-freighters to around 18 trucks.


Purchase and commissioning of a second base in Billesholm, Sweden, with storage and handling facilities. The distribution network in Sweden is being built. Daily scheduled services between Denmark and Sweden as well as Sweden and Norway are commenced.


Guntram Muther Transporte specializes in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden.


Increase to five articulated lorries and start of self-dispatching. At the same time, an old sawmill in Ludesch is being converted into a company building with an office, workshop, washing bay, warehouse with ramps and its own petrol station.


Guntram Muther dares to take the step into self-employment. He starts with a trailer, initially on behalf of a freight forwarder.

Scandia Logistic GmbH