Scandinavia specialist

We offer daily departures to Sweden and Denmark, with direct connections to Norway and Finland.

Wealth of experience

As an experienced transport company, we have been on the highways and roads all over Europe since 1993 – and we are successful. Thanks to our highly motivated and competent employees, we have established a firm place in the market as a reliable partner in the field of transport logistics.

The execution and control of every transport order – from booking to delivery of the goods – is organized by our experienced transport managers. Through contact with the drivers, you ensure precise transport monitoring and smooth processes.


We connect our home market of western Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany with the most important economic centers in Scandinavia within 24, 48 and 72 hours – and vice versa.

We are thus offering a real alternative to air freight!

Vehicle fleet

At Scandia Logistic, the truck is the main means of transport. Our modern vehicles, equipped according to the latest findings, transport a wide variety of goods to their destinations in mainland Europe and Scandinavia. On schedule, safe, reliable.

We rely on absolutely professional maintenance. That is why our fleet is always in top condition. You can rely on it!